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New Releases

February 13, 20132 years ago

New project by Tank, Ginuwine and Tyrese "TGT"

Lonny Bereal lands another hit record on the new project by Tank, Ginuwine, and Tyrese TGT "Sex Never Felt Better." Listen here!
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December 31, 20113 years ago

Joonie Discusses His Undying Devotion to R&B with Black Street

In an interview with Black Street, Hitclub artist, Joonie shared his passion for true R&B, greatest obstacles as an artist, and love for his fans. Read more

July 28, 20114 years ago

Lonny Bereal Co-Write's Chris Brown's Steamy New Single

Lonny Bereal co-write's Chris Brown's new single "Wet the Bed." The title, ‘Wet the Bed,’ plays on an everyday childhood problem, however, Brown is actually referring to a much more mature topic — sex, of course. The beginning of the song kicks off with keys laced over a beat that sounds like water dripping Read more
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July 25, 20114 years ago

"Victim of Your Love" by Kyrss

The hot new song "Victim of Your Love" was produced by @boobonic and written by Hitclub's very own singer/songwriter Kryss! Read more
July 3, 20114 years ago

Lonny Bereal and Kelly Rowland Get HOT in "Favor"

Lonny Bereal expresses his hunger for one of the principle primary drives on “Favor” featuring Kelly Rowland. Triggered by an “amazing” form of tension that has him feeling “faded” or possibly Kelly Rowland’s “Motivation,” he communicates his sexual interest. Read more
April 5, 20105 years ago

"Love Games, Part I” Available for a Limited Time

Apparently the blogosphere has been going bananas in praise of Lonny’s latest project! "Love Game, Part I" displays the talent of Hitclub hitmaker Lonny Bereal. Read more

April 4, 20105 years ago

Charlie Bereal Produces Keri Hilson's New Single

Hitclub Entertainment continues to excel. In latest news, Hitclub producer Charlie Bereal produced Keri Hilson's latest single "One Night Stand". Read more
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April 4, 20105 years ago

Music Reviews: The “Acoustic Love” Countdown Begins…

This week, the Music Blogosphere has been busy buzzing about Joonie and his music. As the April 27th countdown to the worldwide Digital Release of “Acoustic Love” officially begins today, check out some of the coverage. Read more

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March 9, 20105 years ago

"Acoustic Love" Available on April 27

Hitclub Entertainment presents its latest artist, Joonie and his freshman album, "Acoustic Love," available on April 27, 2010 as announced today by Kenny Bereal, founder and CEO. "Acoustic Love" features 12 silky smooth tracks that highlight and expresses Joonie's feelings on love and relationships through true musicianship. Read more