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April 26, 20132 years ago

Joonie New Album Coming Soon!

Jooni was in the studio recently talking #Contrast. New Album coming June 2013 Read more
February 13, 20132 years ago

New project by Tank, Ginuwine and Tyrese "TGT"

Lonny Bereal lands another hit record on the new project by Tank, Ginuwine, and Tyrese TGT "Sex Never Felt Better." Listen here!
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February 14, 20123 years ago

And the Grammy Goes to...

Congratulation to Lonny Beareal for taking home the Grammy for his work on the Chris Brown Fame album. Read more
February 13, 20123 years ago

Saying Goodbye to a Legend

Hitclub producer/engineer Benny Briggs speaks on Whitney Houston (RIP) on NBC Atlanta. Read more
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December 31, 20113 years ago

Joonie Discusses His Undying Devotion to R&B with Black Street

In an interview with Black Street, Hitclub artist, Joonie shared his passion for true R&B, greatest obstacles as an artist, and love for his fans. Read more

July 28, 20114 years ago

Lonny Bereal Co-Write's Chris Brown's Steamy New Single

Lonny Bereal co-write's Chris Brown's new single "Wet the Bed." The title, ‘Wet the Bed,’ plays on an everyday childhood problem, however, Brown is actually referring to a much more mature topic — sex, of course. The beginning of the song kicks off with keys laced over a beat that sounds like water dripping Read more
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July 25, 20114 years ago

"Victim of Your Love" by Kyrss

The hot new song "Victim of Your Love" was produced by @boobonic and written by Hitclub's very own singer/songwriter Kryss! Read more
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July 24, 20114 years ago

Jonnie - Interact Live's "Pick of the Day"


Calvin “Joonie” Gary, Jr., better known by his stage name Joonie is an American singer, songwriter, arranger and musician, specializing in Soul, R&B and Popular Music. Read more

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July 23, 20114 years ago

"Why Blue Matters" Presents Lonny Bereal

Get familiar with Grammy nominated singer/songwriter/producer Lonny Bereal. Responsible for many contemporary hits, Lonny Bereal is the next reason Why Blue Matters. Read more