Hitclub Entertainment distinguishes itself through the personal commitment it undertakes with each of its clients. By paying very careful attention to customized agreements, individual strategies as well as career and marketing plans that suit individual needs, Hitclub Entertainment is committed to insuring the long term success of both parties. Hitclub Entertainments unique proposition is their exceptional management team; which seamlessly blends decades of experience and unparalleled creativity while maintaining a comprehensive and practical understanding of all facets of the Entertainment industry. By understanding consumer behavior and wielding an uncanny business savvy, Hitclub Entertainment is positioned to produce measurably sustainable results across the industries by originating multiple successful long term projects. Hitclub's services include: Talent Management, Music Production, Music Publishing, Licensing, Brand Development, Label Services, Project Management, Marketing Plans, Promotions, Distribution, Strategic Partnerships, and Consulting.




Hitclub Entertainment LLC. PO Box 571475 Tarzana, CA 91357